Weddings in Milledgeville Georgia - Brooke+Matt=Hart

Brooke & Matt are married! They got married here in Milledgeville, Georgia. This was a fun filled, eventful day that turned out WONDERFULLY! Brooke and Matt are sweet and a pleasure to work with! Venue: Hardwick Baptist Church

Reception Venue: Milledgeville Country Club

Cake Artist: Betty Martin

Videographer: Jared Powell

Hair Artist: ExtraordiNailry Hair & Nail Salon

I love your smile, Brooke!

LOVED the shoes!

These girls were hilarious!


Matt's mother wanted this picture, all of these boys grew up playing at her house! How sweet!Β 

Deborah did the picture below...

Call Me Maybe? ;) PS. This song has been stuck in my head ever since the wedding!

Clay making people join the train haha!

I adore this shot that Deborah got (below)!