South Georgia Wedding - Haley + Matt

Haley + Matt

"I went into Matt's restaurant with a friend, he thought I was just a tourist because my southern accent was so thick & that he'd probably never see me again. Then a few months later I went in again & he happened to be there again, he found out I was a chiropractor & had "conveniently" just crashed his bike while training for a race & wrecked his shoulder. I gave him my card & told him to call, I worked well with shoulders. He called bright & early the next morning! From then on, we were smitten :-)!"

Ceremony Venue: Adel United Methodist Church - Adel, Georgia

Reception Venue: Live Oak Plantation

Planner: Kyle Kelley

Hair: Penny Bullard

Makeup: Olivia Goff

Florist: Vercie's Ground Floral

Caterer: Cater's Catering

Cakes: OH My Goodies

Second Photographer: Candice Emerson





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Matt & his sons...goodness I love this one!



How did you feel when you saw each other for the first time on the wedding day?
"It felt like the calm before the storm so to speak. I don't think we've ever smiled that big! It was so special to have those few moments with each other before the chaos of night started. My initial thought was, "Wow! He looks so damn cute in that tux!""

 What was the most memorable moment of the day?

"For both of us, it was the moment when we saw each other for the first time. It felt like nothing else mattered at all, the nerves calmed & we just got really excited!"

 If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

"Maybe having a better plan for leaving the church. We got a little bogged down at the end but it has since become a funny memory."

 Do you have any advice to other brides & grooms?

"Budget for someone to do everything for you! Don't try & do it all yourself. Seriously it's way more important to have peace of mind than flowers. Just enjoy that weekend!"
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
"We will be going to Africa!- 2016"
Haley & Matt, Thank you both for trusting me to capture your memories. I hope they make you feel like you are reliving the day all over again. I hope that I've captured it in a way that you can tell a story with pictures behind different moments for your future grandkids. - Much love, Ashah