Texas - My Second Home

For those of you who know me, know that I fly to Texas a lot. My best friend Michelle lives there. We've been flying back and forth for about seven or eight years now. It's like my second home and I love it there. As the years have gone on, I've met & become friends with a lot of Michelle's friends(and family) out there. Alicia is one of them. She has a best friend named Rhonda(we're doing her photo shoot next time!). Every time I go to Texas now, we all four meet up for coffee. We talk about life, struggles, and Jesus. I always look forward to it for MONTHS. I look up to these two women and their husbands so much. I love how they love Jesus & they encourage my walk with Christ EVERY time I speak with them. I have been wanting to do a photo shoot of each of these wonderful women and their husbands and we finally worked it out for one of them this trip! We are planning on doing Rhonda's next time!

I love y'all!

You may rememberΒ Matt & Monica from about a billion photo shoots I've done with them! Well, they added another one to the fam! Welcome Aubrey! I love and respect this family so much!

My best friend Michelle and Josh had this bundle of joy back in June! Chloe!

This is how she gets around, she scoots backwards on her head! It's hilarious to watch!

Michelle, Chloe, and I!

I love her so much!