Alexandria Louisiana Weddings - Katie+Will=Larry

I've known Katie for a very long time. She used to live in Milledgeville, Georgia (where I am based out of). I have absolutely adored her and her family for years. A few years ago they moved to Alexandria, Louisiana(I've blogged about them before). Shortly after they moved, Katie and Will met each other. They dated for a little over two years and at the end of September, they got married! I am so proud of the woman that Katie has become and I know she will be an excellent wife to Will!!!! I love you KT-K! When planning an outdoor wedding, you always need a backup plan incase it rains. In this case, we needed the backup plan(which was their church). I loved Katie & Will's attitude about it though. They just wanted to get married no matter what. They didn't really care if their plans & locations got changed. It was no big deal. The all around attitude was "LET'S JUST GET MARRIED!!!":) I'm so grateful it didn't really start raining hard until after I did Katie & Will's pictures(Praise Jesus for "First Looks;).


Katie's Daddy...

I love Will's reaction!

They/we were a little excited:) I may or may not have screamed a little during this shot!

I have a huge canvas in my studio of this little angel below...I could photograph her all day long.

At this point, it was raining pretty hard. We were pretty grateful for this handy little pavilion that the reception was supposed to be under!

My favorite part of their ceremony was the worship service afterwards. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!! I even got to join in for part of it because it lasted for about 15 minutes.

Annie, you are way too cute! Seriously!